26 Mar

Why do we need VPN in games?

Currently in the sphere of virtual safety there are more and more laws, which are prohibiting access to these or those websites. To not suddenly appear in informational isolation, many users turn to the VPN account (Virtual Private Network). This service allows to bypass blocking and to hide the true location of the user, and also opens new opportunities in computer games. What bonuses the protected network presents? How to find the most suitable service and make a right choice in a wide selection of options? To answer such questions, you need to make a comparison, find ratings and reviews such as AntaNET does on VPN services. About bonuses of those services read further.

The opportunity to play before official release

Some developers of the computer games are limit access to betas of their developments for players from other countries. Especially often do these companies from Japan and USA. And there are two ways of solving this problem – to wait for the complete official release of the game with open access or – to be “camouflaged” as a resident of that country in which the game was developed.

Bypass of GEO-blocking

This is not a secret that some games are blocked on the territory of other countries and especially their piracy versions. With it is possible to reconcile, of course, but what to do with a wish to play? The VPN is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a game, without paying attention to such restrictions.

Investments in the game

Another widespread situation is when you need money for online games but it not always turns out to invest them. For example, some computer gambling games have own currency, but developers set several restrictions. Citizens of some countries can’t make orders from the game shop therefore in order to expand functionality the VPN just irreplaceable.

Censorship bypassing

It is one of the most burning moments for people who didn’t reach a certain age or live in the country with strict censorship. The VPN service installation will allow age concealing and will virtually transfer you to any country, bypassing all censorship.

Forget about DDOS attacks

In some games the active participants can face such phenomenon as a DDOS attack. This is the multiple requests from opponents to game server address which lead to “lags”. The VPN can solve this problem by two methods:

  • Replace the IP in order that opponents don’t know it;
  • Set powerful protection to which the massive DDOS attacks are unthreatening.

Cooperative play with friends

MMORPG give an excellent opportunity to play with living people, but players are often distributed by servers of their regions therefore to play together with friends is impossible. But once you replace the region by means of VPN and you will be able to enjoy the game altogether.


The small price for games, special discounts and sales promotions – all this most often happens only in certain countries while foreigners are forced to overpay. The people connected to the VPN service can use all these bonuses by hiding their location. Payment for use of VPN is in many times less, than economy on the game cost.

Purchasing Collector’s Editions

Many developers of games, especially from Japan, are limiting the sales of game Collector’s Editions in other countries. Even if to your country is possible to supply delivery with no access to shop it is impossible to make an order. But this is impossible only without using VPN, of course. With VPN it is possible to buy games Collector’s Editions without any restrictions.

Playing games anywhere and anytime

The chief-tyrant has limited access to the beloved game inside the office? Stop suffering this! VPN-connection will help to outwit chief administrator and to enjoy the favorite game from any point, including working place.

08 Mar

How could tiny science help to figure out huge problems?

Nanotechnology is the part of technology and science that deals with the matter of the atomic and molecular scale from 100 nanometers and even smaller. According to the fact that nanotechnology products have a huge impact on our life, due to the fact, that more than 1300 tools are considered to be manufacture-based. For example, there are touch screens in IPhones and Ipads, cosmetics, sunscreens and so long.

Nanotechnologies could also convert some trash into something up-to-date and useful. By the way such method could remove different air toxins and clean environment. We could help solve ecological problem because new materials are not created, but the old one transformed and advanced. Nano robots are also could create something without the special need of deforestation or obtaining the oil.

Nanotechnologies have impressive and at the same way slightly notable changes in economic. The thing is that the world’s development requires numerous working places for skilled and interested in recent developments workers, scientists, teachers, doctors and researchers. Their mission to create and developed concepts of nanotechnologies and share this valuable knowledge with other members of society. These changes are really noticeable in business cause many of prominent and famous companies compete with other. The only enterprise which could suggest modern and iconoclastic ideas will win the tender and have tremendous income.

As far as medical sphere is concerned, researches came up with idea to make scope for miles better because it would help to solve numerous medical problems. As it was predicted, nanoscopes exceeds all expectations and considered the best choice for every lab. In fact, UK leading LIG Tech optical nanoscope is used in order to upgrade ordinary microscopes without putting extra efforts. It features maximum resolution objective lens that show well-defined outcome. Nano scopes provide with clear picture of viruses and cells that could be observed and studied.  Watching them through the nano scope, scientists and lab workers could analyze their models of behavior and jump into conclusion how to treat this or that illness.

Moreover, nano materials are considerably smaller in size that’s why it’s easier for them to penetrate into human body than for bigger particles. They have an ability to cross membranes and access organs, tissue, cells etc. Once they get into bloodstream, they could detect affected centers that needed treatment and take out toxins out human body. Other investigations have shown that nano technologies have the potential to improve general well-being and accelerate and improve the process of healing.


To sum up, introduction of the nano technologies into our life change it once and for all. We could not imagine our life without them because comfort is a phenomenon to which is easy to get used. Nano technologies provoke appearing new sciences, way of therapy, tools, jobs and other numerous things. Revolutionize many industries and benefit the society. We should take these improvements for granted and use them as much as possible in order to produce the impulse for new and useful devices.

14 Oct

Digital marketing basics: Plunging into the depths of online marketing


Commercial activities of any business enterprise in any of the markets, traditional or online, can be effective only in case of production of goods or services have a demand and satisfaction of specific needs of customers through the acquisition of goods or services brings profits to the enterprise.

Making sure that manufactured goods or services are competitive and are in demand requires making plenty of decisions. The marketing activities as a rule touch the following areas in this case: product policy, price policy, distribution and sales policy and communication policy. Trade policy in this case forms forms the core that gathers other decisions relating to the terms of the acquisition of goods and promotion methods.

Trade policy of the Internet has its own characteristics, conditioned by the characteristics of web audience, specific features of the processes of communication and some other factors. In some cases, such as in digital products, Internet preexisting principles of the industry radically change, as the cost of reproduction and delivery of such products can be non-significant.

Along with a revolutionary impact on the commodity policy of the Internet has had a powerful impact on the services sector, further strengthening the existing trend of their universal extension. Thus, the provision of information through the Internet, regardless whether it is financial, tourist or educational services, have become an integral part of the modern world.

Product and product policy

Internet has become a major distribution channel for products and its share in many sectors has already exceeded offline purchases. From the first commodities: books, audio and video CDs (physical entities), the technology went beyond and revolutionised the products themselves, turning physical services into online subscriptions, DVD movies into downloadable files and so on. According to HTP, digital marketing Manchester agency specialising on online marketing and digital presence management, internet will even change the way people perceive the way they use things in physical world with the introduction of virtual reality technologies. But that’s the future.

Before proceeding to the peculiarities of commercial policy on the Internet let’s give a definition of the product and commodity policy. A product is a useful thing or a useful effect of labor, value, acquisition and use of which helps a customer satisfy her specific needs.

Under the trade policy marketing activities are meant aiming at planning and implementation of the set of activities and strategies to build competitive advantages and the creation of product characteristics that provides a permanent value to the consumer and thus satisfy some need, generating some profit for the company.

Achieving the main objectives of commercial policy is carried out by solving problems in two fundamental areas:

  • Creation of new products – search, creation, development and output of new products on the market;
  • Maintenance of products – adjusting the quality of products, control over the behavior of products on the market, servicing and others. In contrast to the creation of new products, support is provided throughout its life cycle.
13 Aug

The ABCs of Concrete Resistance

Resistance of concrete is the ability of a material to maintain its properties for a long time: fire and heat resistance, cold resistance, resistance of concrete to chemically aggressive environment, water and gas, maintaining its performance when working in adverse environmental conditions without significant damage and destruction. The article is prepared in collaboration with Telling Company experts, a successful UK-based engineering enterprise, massively utilising hydraulic lime, lime mortar and concrete solutions in its projects.

Resistance factors in a nutshell

A particularly high expansion of concrete hardening occurs during the formation of calcium sulfoaluminate. Concrete corrosion can occur if there is moisture in the air, and various acid gases. For example, sulfur dioxide discharged from furnace boilers, locomotives or sets of certain chemicals combines with moisture in the air and water vapor to form sulfuric acid, which destroys the concrete as well as the free acid in aqueous medium. Processes of chemical corrosion of concrete can not be considered independently of the physical and physico-chemical processes occurring in the concrete under the influence of an aqueous or gaseous medium. A crucial impact, in particular, has a three-dimensional deformation, resulting moisture exchange (absorption of water and its evaporation), the process of freezing and thawing, seepage and water filtration, diffusion processes, moving moisture in concrete, and so on. Read More

31 Mar

Magnetic Cranes and Grab Cranes

Magnetic cranes are referred to a special type and designed for lifting and transporting ferromagnetic materials (scrap metals, chips, sheets, molds for casting and so on). These cranes are equipped with cargo electromagnets, hung on a hook suspension or traverse (on a floppy or hard suspension) located in the longitudinal or transverse direction of the bridge.

Magnetic cranes production is a prerogative of large scale businesses: the United Kingdom example is Granada Material Handling, a prosperous company with 14 years of track record, focusing on production, as well as lifting equipment inspection and lifting equipment services. The company’s pipeline gives birth to a variety of magnetic equipment types: here is a specifications breakdown (approximate data, the average values and serial production machines are considered).

  • Lifting capacity: 5 to 40 tons.
  • Lifting speed: 14-20 m/min.
  • Trolley crane speed: 70-120 m/min.

The most common among these cranes are the systems with single wall beams and auxiliary farms, as well as double-girder box-like structure with high resistance to fatigue.

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10 Oct

Sturdy Industrial Fittings: The Role Of Flanges

Fittings is a collective term for all the connective elements, installed in branching points, contractions and bends. These devices allow sealed blocking of traffic flow and, at the same time, simplify the process of assembling and disassembling the pipeline. A fitting may be made of metal or of softer materials; threaded, welded and tube fittings are the most common models, while flanges form a special group.

The article is kindly prepared by butt weld fittings UK manufacturing expert, Alexander Comley, a Birmingham-based firm with long years of successful experience under the belt.

The flange and its use

A true to type flange is a flat rectangular or round plate with holes for bolts throughout the perimeter. The main objective of the flange is ensuring strong and tight connection of pipes; flanges may also be used for connection of shafts and rotating parts. Flanges are produced in different shapes and sizes, though they are always mounted in pairs. To ensure the reliability and tightness of the connection a gasket is installed between the flanges. The shape and type of gasket, which is laid between the flanges depends on the pressure the pipeline is designed to deal with. Flat gaskets are used at a low pressure up to 4 MPa, while metal or asbestos pads are installed to withstand pressure up to 20 MPa. From time to time the seals are needed to be changed.

Flanges manufacturing technologies

Basically, there are three ways to produce steel flanges. In the first case, the flange is produced by hot stamping. A more innovative method of producing stainless steel flanges, practiced at AlexanderComley facilities, is gas cutting. Some flanges are made through bending and welding steel bands. Each method dramatically influences the quality of the final product and the cost of the finished flange respectively. However, much depends on the form needed to be delivered: thus, bespoke flanges of sophisticated forms demand pretty much technological effort to be manufactured; thus, e.g. tube sheet production, as claims Birmingham-based firm, one of the most resource-intensive processes. Read More

27 Jun

The Importance Of Decent Parking Ventilation Explained

Covered parking lots, multi-surface and underground parking sites represent the essential features of a modern urban landscape, ensuring the safety of vehicles. But not every car owner is aware about the security threats posed at these undeniably useful facilities.

Taking into account the fact that virtually any parking is primarily a substantial accumulation of cars in a confined space, there are two main points, constituting a menace to people and their vehicles to be noted:

  • The risk of emergence and rapid spread of fire (because each machine features a tank with a non-zero amount of gasoline)
  • the risk of poisoning the owners and passers-by with monoxide from vehicles’ emissions

Therefore, the business plan of indoor (and primarily multilevel) lots should include the availability of sufficiently powerful ventilation and smoke detection mechanisms that can continuously provide the required ventilation. Of course, such internal engineering systems, structures and networks increase the cost of construction and maintenance of the car parking, but ultimately these systems increase the level of fire protection and environmental safety significantly.

In addition, no state supervisory authority responsible for environmental control will permit the exploitation of the facility without a decent installing car park ventilation system up and running, not to mention smoke protection mechanisms. In addition, such facilities should be used in full accordance with the rules of technical operation of the vehicle.

Another fact to underline is that the complexes put into operation decades ago are forced to integrate new parking ventilation systems according to standards adopted in the overwhelming majority of countries worldwide.

26 Jun

The Miraculous Glass Reinforced Concrete

Glass reinforced concrete is fairly considered to be one of the most versatile building materials that stand in the service of modern architects and designers. The material production technology was developed over thirty years ago and since then glass reinforced concrete  has managed to establish itself as an indispensable tool and made ​​a significant contribution to the economy, technology and aesthetics of the building industry.

The material is comprised of several groups of elements: glass reinforced fiber is a collective term which includes a family of materials designed for a wide variety of purposes. Since its introduction in 1969, GRC has been implanted in global building practices around the globe, and now it is utilised by construction experts in 120+ countries.

In the years since the advent of GRC on the global construction market, the material has fully formed as a finest quality building component, plus the scope of its use has been significantly expanded.

Glass reinforced concrete has already firmly established in Europe (England, France, Germany), the United States, the countries of the Arab East, Japan and South East Asia (just remember the amazing Petronas Towers in Kuala-Lumpur), Australia and New Zealand.

The creation of the next-gen material was largely driven by the desire to improve the traditional concrete by improving its properties and thereby expanding its capabilities.

Admittedly, a major concrete disadvantage lies in its stone nature and low tensile strength. In reinforced concrete the weak point is partially eliminated by enabling metal fittings to deal with pressure. Dispersed reinforcement of concrete with fiberglass has a high tensile strength and significantly increases the strength of concrete stretching and bending.

05 Jun

Lighting Design Principles In A Nutshell

Creating a smooth, uniform lighting theme with no abrupt transitions from light to shadow can be achieved through installing a number of smaller lights. Playing with tall pillars, combining lighting elements, bollards and built-in lighting fixtures, you can create a dynamic lighting system capable of covering the entire area: from the treetops and roofs of the cottage to the pool or flowerbeds. Street lighting experts are trying to cover all possible genres, offering lamps of country, Empire, Baroque, Art Nouveau and even Victorian street lighting styles. Therefore, the collections of the German, Italian and UK factories are typically represented by myriads of highly-functional lamps, suitable for the most intricate designs. Consider the option of acquiring forged fittings that resonates with lines and shadows and look stunningly beautiful. Just like in fashion industry, lighting design offers its own tendencies and trends virtually each season to complement the most exquisite terrace designs.

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14 Apr

The Process Of Borehole Drilling Explained

Oil and gas borehole drilling implies using rotational method exclusively, carrying the rock particles to the surface through circulating fluid jet. Depending on the location of the engine the drilling techniques are divided into two major groups: rotor drilling, when the engine is installed on the surface, activating the drill bit at the bottom by rotating the entire drill string and downhole motor drilling that demands using a drill motor or turbine when the engine is located close to the borehole above the drill bit.

In classical geophysics the drilling process includes the following aspects: tripping operations (descending drill pipe with a chisel into the wellbore to the bottom and lifting it with the exhaust bit) and the actual drilling at the bottom of a bit (bit rock failure). These operations are interrupted periodically for installing the casing in the well, designed to protect the borehole from landslides and separation of oil horizons.

Simultaneously the process of drilling is accompanied by a number of auxiliary operations performed; coring, mud logging preparation, well curvature measuring, testing or exploring the site to forecast the thickness of oil levels and etc.

  1. The full well construction project is comprised of the following submissions:
  2. Mounting platforms, drilling and platform development (typically includes infrastructure development).
  3. The process of drilling
  4. Opening and zonal isolation (implementing casing barrages and cementing; the stage that is considered to be the one that indicates the drilling process).
  5. Testing the well for the flow of oil, gas or water.
  6. Dismantling the equipment once the platform is up and running.

Actually, mentioned above are the general stages to underline, as an installation and dismantling may also include minor mending, while the process of testing may be divided into a multitude of stages.