14 Oct

Digital marketing basics: Plunging into the depths of online marketing

Commercial activities of any business enterprise in any of the markets, traditional or online, can be effective only in case of production of goods or services have a demand and satisfaction of specific needs of customers through the acquisition of goods or services brings profits to the enterprise.

Making sure that manufactured goods or services are competitive and are in demand requires making plenty of decisions. The marketing activities as a rule touch the following areas in this case: product policy, price policy, distribution and sales policy and communication policy. Trade policy in this case forms forms the core that gathers other decisions relating to the terms of the acquisition of goods and promotion methods.

Trade policy of the Internet has its own characteristics, conditioned by the characteristics of web audience, specific features of the processes of communication and some other factors. In some cases, such as in digital products, Internet preexisting principles of the industry radically change, as the cost of reproduction and delivery of such products can be non-significant.

Along with a revolutionary impact on the commodity policy of the Internet has had a powerful impact on the services sector, further strengthening the existing trend of their universal extension. Thus, the provision of information through the Internet, regardless whether it is financial, tourist or educational services, have become an integral part of the modern world.

Product and product policy

Internet has become a major distribution channel for products and its share in many sectors has already exceeded offline purchases. From the first commodities: books, audio and video CDs (physical entities), the technology went beyond and revolutionised the products themselves, turning physical services into online subscriptions, DVD movies into downloadable files and so on. According to HTP, digital marketing Manchester agency specialising on online marketing and digital presence management, internet will even change the way people perceive the way they use things in physical world with the introduction of virtual reality technologies. But that’s the future.

Before proceeding to the peculiarities of commercial policy on the Internet let’s give a definition of the product and commodity policy. A product is a useful thing or a useful effect of labor, value, acquisition and use of which helps a customer satisfy her specific needs.

Under the trade policy marketing activities are meant aiming at planning and implementation of the set of activities and strategies to build competitive advantages and the creation of product characteristics that provides a permanent value to the consumer and thus satisfy some need, generating some profit for the company.

Achieving the main objectives of commercial policy is carried out by solving problems in two fundamental areas:

  • Creation of new products – search, creation, development and output of new products on the market;
  • Maintenance of products – adjusting the quality of products, control over the behavior of products on the market, servicing and others. In contrast to the creation of new products, support is provided throughout its life cycle.