08 Mar

How could tiny science help to figure out huge problems?

Nanotechnology is the part of technology and science that deals with the matter of the atomic and molecular scale from 100 nanometers and even smaller. According to the fact that nanotechnology products have a huge impact on our life, due to the fact, that more than 1300 tools are considered to be manufacture-based. For example, there are touch screens in IPhones and Ipads, cosmetics, sunscreens and so long.

Nanotechnologies could also convert some trash into something up-to-date and useful. By the way such method could remove different air toxins and clean environment. We could help solve ecological problem because new materials are not created, but the old one transformed and advanced. Nano robots are also could create something without the special need of deforestation or obtaining the oil.

Nanotechnologies have impressive and at the same way slightly notable changes in economic. The thing is that the world’s development requires numerous working places for skilled and interested in recent developments workers, scientists, teachers, doctors and researchers. Their mission to create and developed concepts of nanotechnologies and share this valuable knowledge with other members of society. These changes are really noticeable in business cause many of prominent and famous companies compete with other. The only enterprise which could suggest modern and iconoclastic ideas will win the tender and have tremendous income.

As far as medical sphere is concerned, researches came up with idea to make scope for miles better because it would help to solve numerous medical problems. As it was predicted, nanoscopes exceeds all expectations and considered the best choice for every lab. In fact, UK leading LIG Tech optical nanoscope is used in order to upgrade ordinary microscopes without putting extra efforts. It features maximum resolution objective lens that show well-defined outcome. Nano scopes provide with clear picture of viruses and cells that could be observed and studied.  Watching them through the nano scope, scientists and lab workers could analyze their models of behavior and jump into conclusion how to treat this or that illness.

Moreover, nano materials are considerably smaller in size that’s why it’s easier for them to penetrate into human body than for bigger particles. They have an ability to cross membranes and access organs, tissue, cells etc. Once they get into bloodstream, they could detect affected centers that needed treatment and take out toxins out human body. Other investigations have shown that nano technologies have the potential to improve general well-being and accelerate and improve the process of healing.


To sum up, introduction of the nano technologies into our life change it once and for all. We could not imagine our life without them because comfort is a phenomenon to which is easy to get used. Nano technologies provoke appearing new sciences, way of therapy, tools, jobs and other numerous things. Revolutionize many industries and benefit the society. We should take these improvements for granted and use them as much as possible in order to produce the impulse for new and useful devices.