26 Mar

Why do we need VPN in games?

Currently in the sphere of virtual safety there are more and more laws, which are prohibiting access to these or those websites. To not suddenly appear in informational isolation, many users turn to the VPN account (Virtual Private Network). This service allows to bypass blocking and to hide the true location of the user, and also opens new opportunities in computer games. What bonuses the protected network presents? How to find the most suitable service and make a right choice in a wide selection of options? To answer such questions, you need to make a comparison, find ratings and reviews such as AntaNET does on VPN services. About bonuses of those services read further.

The opportunity to play before official release

Some developers of the computer games are limit access to betas of their developments for players from other countries. Especially often do these companies from Japan and USA. And there are two ways of solving this problem – to wait for the complete official release of the game with open access or – to be “camouflaged” as a resident of that country in which the game was developed.

Bypass of GEO-blocking

This is not a secret that some games are blocked on the territory of other countries and especially their piracy versions. With it is possible to reconcile, of course, but what to do with a wish to play? The VPN is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a game, without paying attention to such restrictions.

Investments in the game

Another widespread situation is when you need money for online games but it not always turns out to invest them. For example, some computer gambling games have own currency, but developers set several restrictions. Citizens of some countries can’t make orders from the game shop therefore in order to expand functionality the VPN just irreplaceable.

Censorship bypassing

It is one of the most burning moments for people who didn’t reach a certain age or live in the country with strict censorship. The VPN service installation will allow age concealing and will virtually transfer you to any country, bypassing all censorship.

Forget about DDOS attacks

In some games the active participants can face such phenomenon as a DDOS attack. This is the multiple requests from opponents to game server address which lead to “lags”. The VPN can solve this problem by two methods:

  • Replace the IP in order that opponents don’t know it;
  • Set powerful protection to which the massive DDOS attacks are unthreatening.

Cooperative play with friends

MMORPG give an excellent opportunity to play with living people, but players are often distributed by servers of their regions therefore to play together with friends is impossible. But once you replace the region by means of VPN and you will be able to enjoy the game altogether.


The small price for games, special discounts and sales promotions – all this most often happens only in certain countries while foreigners are forced to overpay. The people connected to the VPN service can use all these bonuses by hiding their location. Payment for use of VPN is in many times less, than economy on the game cost.

Purchasing Collector’s Editions

Many developers of games, especially from Japan, are limiting the sales of game Collector’s Editions in other countries. Even if to your country is possible to supply delivery with no access to shop it is impossible to make an order. But this is impossible only without using VPN, of course. With VPN it is possible to buy games Collector’s Editions without any restrictions.

Playing games anywhere and anytime

The chief-tyrant has limited access to the beloved game inside the office? Stop suffering this! VPN-connection will help to outwit chief administrator and to enjoy the favorite game from any point, including working place.